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2020 Purple Dragonfly Awards

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Bear Hug Books are written and illustrated by award winning author Christine Noyes 

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"The Big Al books are entertaining and an easy read for children. The illustrations grab kid's attention and the stories leave you feeling happy and warm."


- Jackie Marble

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"It's a great series! My nephew loved reading the first book. Can't wait until the rest of the books are available."


- Scotty Marston

"My grandchildren love these books. We read them 2 & 3 times in a row. The Big Al series promote empathy, compassion, kindness and responsibility, which lead to many meaningful discussions."

  -Mary Johnson

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"The Bear Hug Book series focuses on the development of moral character at a time when we could use reminders of our inherent goodness. What better gift to any child than one that will leave a lasting imprint. I can't wait for my order to arrive!"

-Paula Francis

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Coloring book front cover with bottom te

"These are just wonderful, so colorful and fun with great messages."

-Cheryl Lopriore

"Don't forget to hug yourself today!"


2019 Story Monster   Approved Award

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My first reading / signing at
Trail Head and Corner Cafe

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