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Book an Author Event

Events are restricted to New England unless special arrangements can be made!

Are you looking to increase traffic flow in your business, non-profit, library, or club?
Or an educational institution committed to the arts?
Multiple options are available to you!
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Single and multi-author readings, signings, 

and Q & A's

*     Fiction - multiple genres

*     Memoirs - diverse subjects

*     Children's Books - entertaining with good messages 

Create a unique event incorporating the books theme by adding your own special touch! For instance, a reading of A Big Al Bear Hug children's book could be combined with kids decorating bear shaped cookies. 

We are happy to help you with ideas!

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Digital personalized event flyer provided by Bear Hug Books upon request

Everyone has a Story!

a roundtable discussion on writing a memoir

Presented by:

Paula Francis -

Christine Noyes -

Cynthia Crosson - Itinerary:


• Author Introductions

• Overview of presentation

• Three - 2 minute readings followed by group discussion

• Questions from the audience (written and oral)

• Questions for the audience from the authors

• Open discussion • Raffle (each author will provide 1 book to raffle)


Weekday evening scheduling

Approximate program length: 1 - 1 1/2 hours (depending on number of        participants)

Ideal number of participants: 15 - 25

Minimum number of participants: 8

Preferred setup - chairs placed in a circle

Hosts responsibility to provide: 2-3 tables chairs for participants plus          three authors

Suggested additions: beverages, snacks, additional raffle items or door        prize

Speaking Engagements

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Paula image.png
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Love, grief, resilience & spirit!

Christine Noyes speaks of unexpectedly losing her husband of 28 years while surrounded by strangers on a commercial airline flight. She tells of growing up in a tumultuous environment created by mental illness. Comfortable sitting home in front of her computer, Christine has decided to break out of her comfort zone and share her story to foster her own growth as well as others.

The Happiness Walker

On a quest to find the answers to what matters most in life, Paula Francis walked 10,000 miles around the country interviewing people she met along the way. Unavoidably, the Happiness Walk was as much a personal pilgrimage as a professional one. Walking through the loss of family members, her home, and her marriage, she learned to find meaning and joy in new and surprising ways.

Cynthia and Dandi no background_edited.png

A mother struggles with the suicide of her soldier son.

Cynthia Crosson, EdD, a psychiatric social worker, has authored books in the fields of child abuse, trauma, and child welfare. NEADS, an agency that trains service dogs, invited the author to use her experience in treating trauma to develop the Trauma Assistance Dog Program to place specially trained service dogs with veterans suffering from combat-related PTSD. ​After completing seminary, the author serves a church in Whately, Massachusetts, and writes and works with veterans and service dogs.


contact Paula Francis   802-279-4092

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